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  • “When it comes to esports betting there are loads of sites that talk a good game, but BlinkPool is one that actually delivers.”Juris Porciks, London
  • “It's a super exciting idea, it's got a lot of potential and is generally just a breath of fresh air for the world of betting.”Paul Normington, Hampshire
  • “Great interactive idea. Makes betting and Dota both more interesting. Would recommend.”Weitong Gou, Manchester

Track Your Performance

We want to give you the best tools to help you play and providing full access to your performance statistics is one of them. Get useful information at a glance or download your entire bet report to Excel to analyse yourself.

Safe and Sound

BlinkPool is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Adhering to their strict standards, you can feel confident you're in safe hands.


We offer a wide range of real-time mini-bets throughout live streams. These mini-bets are always relevant to what is going on in the game and with over 20 different types, there’s never a boring moment.

Play Against The Community

Unlike traditional betting companies we operate a market; this means you are playing against other users, not "the house". Think the price is wrong? Be a contrarian and take the other side, or back the trend and go with the market.